places: Burberry Regent Street Store in London

Burberry store on 121 Regent Street is the must-visit spot in London. Store is located on one of the most prestigious streets in London and looks very luxurious already from the outside. Shop has four floors with a lots of sections and each of them has a different assortment – besides the traditional coats and scarves from The Trench series, we can find children’s collection, beauty accessories and the an area with home-furnishing items and games.  In the middle of the huge shop there is a screen, where we can see global events live. When I was there, there were shows from London Fashion Week issued on the screen. From time to time there are organized live music concerts and events. In changing rooms there are interactive mirrors which transform to personalized screens. They show images of the specific piece on the catwalk or on film – it’s absolutely amazing. There is a person taking care of you since the moment you entered the store. If you decided to make a purchase, you do it with the use of iPad while sipping champagne. There is also a monogram service, so customers can have flat leather designs monogrammed in one hour. There are no cash-desks.  Moreover, on the first floor located is the first Burberry’s café – Thomas’s. The café offers an all-day menu, with the focus on local products from British farmers, but there are also more sophisticated meals like lobsters and oysters. This Burberry store impresses not just by an assortment – the interior is a combination of modernity (its’ origin was the website: and London’s classic architecture from the 19th century. It gives the impression that designers paid a lot of attention to details.



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